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FavorPrep Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit (100)

FavorPrep Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit (100)

 Favorgen's Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit provides a rapid, phenol-free method for the extraction of high-purity plasmid DNA from 1-6 ml of bacterial cultures. As a column-type tube is utilized in the purification process, extraction is carried out in three simple steps of binding/washing/elution. Once bound, the DNA is washed and then eluted from the column, ready for use. This technology is based on binding DNA to silic-based membranes in chaotropic salts, washing DNA with ethanol-contained wash buffer and then eluting the purified plasmid DNA by low salt elution buffer. The purified DNA is ready for the downstream applications such as sequencing, sub-cloning, gene expression, and transfection. The overall process is less than 30 minutes.

Sample: 1-6 ml of bacterial culture
Yield: up to 50 μg of plasmid DNA
Format: spin column
Operation time: less than 30 min
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FAPD1 Buffer, FAPD2 Buffer, FAPD3 Buffer, W1 Buffer, Wash Buffer, Elution Buffer, FAPD Columns, 2ml Collection Tubes.

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