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mouse brain cDNA

mouse brain cDNA

Product Details and Specifications
Product Name mouse brain cDNA
Product Catalog Number cDNA-mmu-01
Price 195.00 US Dollars
Components Each kit contains 20 ul of 100 ng/ul cDNA, sufficient for 20 PCR reactions.
Storage Conditions Store DNA at -20 degrees Celsius
Shipping Conditions Our cDNA libraries are shipped at room temperature via overnight delivery. Please note that additional shipping charges may apply.

Product Description

Biosettia’s full-length cDNA templates are a perfect source for amplification of genes of interest. cDNA templates generated from different tissues and cell lines also provide an opportunity to researchers for characterization of alternatively spliced mRNA variants. In addition, the 3'-UTRs can be cloned for study of translational repression by specific miRNAs.

Catalog # Product Name Price
cDNA-hsa-01 human fetal kidney cell HEK-293 cDNA 175
cDNA-hsa-02 human myelogenous leukemia cell line K-562 cDNA 175
cDNA-hsa-03 human lung fibroblast cell MRC-5 cDNA 175
cDNA-hsa-04 human hippocampus cDNA 195
cDNA-hsa-05 human medulla cDNA 195
cDNA-hsa-06 human testis cDNA 195
cDNA-hsa-07 human fetal liver cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-08 human fetal brain cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-09 human fetal lung and spleen cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-10 human fetal brain, liver and heart cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-11 human adult brain cDNA 195
cDNA-hsa-12 human adult leukocyte cDNA 195
cDNA-hsa-13 human adult liver and skin cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-14 human adult pancreas and spleen cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-15 human adult brain, lung and testis cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-16 human adult heart, skeletal muscle and breast cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-17 human adult colon, kidney and stomach cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-18 human adult breast tumor and lung tumor cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-19 human adult stomach tumor and colon tumor cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-20 human fetal kidney cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-21 human adult ovary cDNA 195
cDNA-hsa-22 human colon cDNA 195
cDNA-hsa-23 human stromal bone marrow cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-24 human cervix adenocarcinoma cell line HeLa cDNA 175
cDNA-hsa-25 human acute T cell leukemia cell line Jurkat cDNA 175
cDNA-hsa-26 human HPV tumor endothelia cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-27 human small airway epithelia cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-28 human CD8+ T cells cDNA 225
cDNA-hsa-29 human mixed tissue cDNA 245
cDNA-hsa-30 human vascular endothelia Huvec cDNA 175
cDNA-mmu-01 mouse brain cDNA 195
cDNA-mmu-02 mouse kidney cDNA 195
cDNA-mmu-03 mouse stem cell cDNA 225
cDNA-mmu-04 mouse stomach cDNA 195
cDNA-mmu-05 mouse placenta cDNA 225
cDNA-mmu-06 mouse testis cDNA 195
cDNA-mmu-07 mouse E14 embryonic stem cell cDNA 245
cDNA-mmu-08 mouse muscle cDNA 195
cDNA-mmu-09 mouse heart cDNA 195
cDNA-mmu-10 mouse fetal brain cDNA 195
cDNA-mmu-11 mouse splenocyte cDNA 195
cDNA-rno-01 rat liver cDNA 195
cDNA-rno-02 rat brain cDNA 195

Cat#: cDNA-mmu-01
$ 195.00Price:
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