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Pre-designed shRNA Vector Sets

Figure 1. Structure map of RNAi vectors for pre-designed shRNA expression.

  1. Biosettia’s Pre-designed shRNA Vector Set is assembled by four gene-specific shRNAs and two negative controls in each kit.

  3. We provide fifty-five vector options to deliver shRNA of your interests, including:
    • thirty-six lentiviral pLV-RNAi vectors
    • four inducible pLV-RNAi vectors
    • fifteen plasmid-based pRNAi vectors
  5. Each Pre-designed shRNA Vector Set is guaranteed contain at least one vector that will knock down target gene expression at the RNA level by at least 70 percent as measured by real-time qRT-PCR in stable cell lines after antibiotic selection or flow cytometric cell sorting (FACS).
  7. Each Vector Set includes:
    • 4 Gene-specific shRNA (20 µl of > 100 ng/µl plasmid DNA for re-transformation)
    • 2 negative control vectors (20 µl of > 10 ng/µl plasmid DNA for re-transformation)

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