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Product Name pLV-hU6-EF1a-Puro
Product Catalog Number SORT-B20
Price 375 - 425 US Dollars
Shipping Conditions Shipped at room temperature. Please note that additional shipping charges may apply.
Storage Conditions Store at -20 degrees Celsius. All reagents are stable for 6 months when properly stored.
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Plasmid Sequence Genbank

Product Price Components
pRNAi shRNA Vector Kits $300 - $350
  • -1 tube of 20ul pRNAi vector (10ng/ul per reaction)
  • -100ul 10x Annealing Buffer
  • -20ul pRNAi with sh-lacZ insertion as negative control
  • -30ul Sequencing Primer
  • - 1 Favorgen Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit (100 preps)
pLV-RNAi shRNA Vector Kits $375 - $595
  • -1 tube of 20ul pLV-RNAi vector (10ng/ul per reaction)
  • -100ul 10x Annealing Buffer
  • -20ul pLV-RNAi with sh-lacZ insertion as negative control
  • -30ul Sequencing Primer
  • - 1 Favorgen Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit (100 preps)

Pre-designed shRNA (pRNAi or pLV-RNAi) Kits $645 - $750
  • -4 tubes of 20ul cloned shRNA for re-transformation
  • -20ul vector with sh-Scramble insertion as negative control
  • -20ul vector with sh-lacZ insertion as negative control
shRNA Positive Control Kits $195
  • -1 tube 20ul shRNA Positive Control
Save $50.00 when you purchase Favorgen's DNA Extraction Mini Kit (100) with any shRNA Vector

The pRNAi vector system is designed to facilitate the cloning of the double-strand DNA oligonucleotide encoding a stem-loop sequence, which is transcribed into shRNA by RNA polymerase III promoter (e.g. H1, human and mouse U6 promoters) once expressed in cells. Our single oligonucleotide RNAi technology (SORT) for gene silence delivers a unique feature in the construction of shRNA expression vectors. Distinct from any other shRNA expression vectors currently available, only one DNA oligonucleotide is required for cloning a shRNA sequence into the pRNAi vector. The novelty of our pRNAi vector system benefits users with lower cost, higher efficiency, and reduced complexity.

Catalog Number Name Expression System PolIII PolII Marker
SORT-A01 pRNAi-H1-Puro Plasmid H1 - Puromycin
SORT-A02 pRNAi-hU6-Puro Plasmid Human U6 - Puromycin
SORT-A03 pRNAi-mU6-Puro Plasmid Mouse U6 - Puromycin
SORT-A04 pRNAi-H1-Hyg Plasmid H1 - Hygromycin
SORT-A05 pRNAi-hU6-Hyg Plasmid Human U6 - Hygromycin
SORT-A06 pRNAi-mU6-Hyg Plasmid Mouse U6 - Hygromycin
SORT-A07 pRNAi-H1-Neo Plasmid H1 - Neomycin
SORT-A08 pRNAi-hU6-Neo Plasmid Human U6 - Neomycin
SORT-A09 pRNAi-mU6-Neo Plasmid Mouse U6 - Neomycin
SORT-A10 pRNAi-H1-Bsd Plasmid H1 - Blasticidin
SORT-A11 pRNAi-hU6-Bsd Plasmid Human U6 - Blasticidin
SORT-A12 pRNAi-mU6-Bsd Plasmid Mouse U6 - Blasticidin
SORT-A13 pRNAi-H1-Green Plasmid H1 - GFP
SORT-A14 pRNAi-hU6-Green Plasmid hU6 - GFP
SORT-A15 pRNAi-mU6-Green Plasmid mU6 - GFP
Catalog Number Name Expression System PolIII PolII Marker
SORT-B01 pLV-H1-CMV-Green Lenti H1 CMV GFP
SORT-B02 pLV-H1-EF1a-Green Lenti H1 EF1a GFP
SORT-B03 pLV-H1-EF1a-Green Lenti H1 EF1a GFP
SORT-B04 pLV-hU6-CMV-Green Lenti Human U6 CMV GFP
SORT-B05 pLV-hU6-EF1a-Green Lenti Human U6 EF1a GFP
SORT-B06 pLV-hU6-mPGK-Green Lenti Human U6 mPGK GFP
SORT-B07 pLV-mU6-CMV-Green Lenti Mouse U6 CMV GFP
SORT-B08 pLV-mU6-EF1a-Green Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a GFP
SORT-B09 pLV-mU6-mPGK-Green Lenti Mouse U6 mPGK GFP
SORT-B10 pLV-H1-CMV-Red Lenti H1 CMV RFP
SORT-B11 pLV-H1-EF1a-Red Lenti H1 EF1a RFP
SORT-B12 pLV-H1-mPGK-Red Lenti H1 mPGK RFP
SORT-B13 pLV-hU6-CMV-Red Lenti Human U6 CMV RFP
SORT-B14 pLV-hU6-EF1a-Red Lenti Human U6 EF1a RFP
SORT-B15 pLV-hU6-mPGK-Red Lenti Human U6 mPGK RFP
SORT-B16 pLV-mU6-CMV-Red Lenti Mouse U6 CMV RFP
SORT-B17 pLV-mU6-EF1a-Red Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a RFP
SORT-B18 pLV-mU6-mPGK-Red Lenti Mouse U6 mPGK RFP
SORT-B19 pLV-H1-EF1a-Puro Lenti H1 EF1a Puromycin
SORT-B20 pLV-hU6-EF1a-Puro Lenti Human U6 EF1a Puromycin
SORT-B21 pLV-mU6-EF1a-Puro Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a Puromycin
SORT-B22 pLV-H1-EF1a-Bsd Lenti H1 EF1a Blasticidin
SORT-B23 pLV-hU6-EF1a-Bsd Lenti Human U6 EF1a Blasticidin
SORT-B24 pLV-mU6-EF1a-Bsd Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a Blasticidin
SORT-B25 pLV-H1-EF1a-GFP-Bsd Lenti H1 EF1a GFP-Blasticidin
SORT-B26 pLV-mU6-EF1a-GFP-Bsd Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a GFP-Blasticidin
SORT-B27 pLV-H1-EF1a-RFP-Bsd Lenti H1 EF1a RFP-Blasticidin
SORT-B28 pLV-mU6-EF1a-RFP-Bsd Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a RFP-Blasticidin
SORT-B29 pLV-H1-EF1a-GFP-Puro Lenti H1 EF1a GFP-Puromycin
SORT-B30 pLV-mU6-EF1a-GFP-Puro Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a GFP-Puromycin
SORT-B31 pLV-H1-EF1a-RFP-Puro Lenti H1 EF1a RFP-Puromycin
SORT-B32 pLV-mU6-EF1a-RFP-Puro Lenti Mouse U6 EF1a RFP-Puromycin
SORT-B33 pLV-hU6-EF1a-GFP-Bsd Lenti Human U6 EF1a GFP-Blasticidin
SORT-B34 pLV-hU6-EF1a-RFP-Bsd Lenti Human U6 EF1a RFP-Blasticidin
SORT-B35 pLV-hU6-EF1a-GFP-Puro Lenti Human U6 EF1a GFP-Puromycin
SORT-B36 pLV-hU6-EF1a-RFP-Puro Lenti Human U6 EF1a RFP-Puromycin
Catalog Number Name Expression System PolIII PolII Marker
SORT-C01 pLV-H1TetO-GFP-Puro Inducible Lenti H1TetO EF1a GFP-Puromycin
SORT-C02 pLV-H1TetO-RFP-Puro Inducible Lenti H1TetO EF1a RFP-Puromycin
SORT-C03 pLV-H1TetO-GFP-Bsd Inducible Lenti H1TetO EF1a GFP-Blasticidin
SORT-C04 pLV-H1TetO-RFP-Bsd Inducible Lenti H1TetO EF1a RFP-Blasticidin

FavorPrep Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit (100)

Favorgen's Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit provides a rapid, phenol-free method for the extraction of high-purity plasmid DNA from 1-6 ml of bacterial cultures.

Predesigned shRNA Vector Kits w/ Optional Lentivirus

Biosettia designs and clones four gene-specific shRNA into any one of our vectors, perfect for specific, long-lasting gene silencing. At least one shRNA will knock down its target by at least 70% at the RNA level as measured by real time qRT-PCR. Each kit also includes two negative controls.

Cat#: SORT-B20

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