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Favorgen EtBr Destroyer Sprayer

Favorgen EtBr Destroyer Sprayer

 Favorgen\'s EtBr Destroyer is a specifically designed reagent effectively degrade and destroy Ethidium Bromide and result in both non-fluorescence and non-mutagenic remains. The product also has a proven effectiveness at destroying SYBR Dye from materials after use. Favorgen EtBr Destroyer is provided in two different formats for the treatment of both solid and liquid Ethidium Bromide contaminant. The ready pack Favorgen EtBr Destroyer Bag is idea for the treatment of liquid Ethidium Bromide contaminant while Sprayer can be used for the treatment of solid contaminant waste including electrophoresis gels, glassware, paper towels, gloves, laboratory equipment, bench surface etc.

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Components:1 Sprayer

Cat#: FAEBD002
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