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FavorPrep Plant Total RNA Mini Kit (50)

FavorPrep Plant Total RNA Mini Kit (50)

 Favorgen\'s Plant Total RNA Extraction Mini Kit is specially designed for purification of total RNA from a variety of plant tissues. The method uses detergents and a chaotropic salt to lyse cell and inactivate RNase. In the presence of binding buffer with chaotropic salt, the total RNA in the lysate binds to glass fiber matrix in the spin column. The optional DNase treatments can remove DNA residues and the contaminants are washed with an ethanol contained wash buffer. Finally, the purified total RNA is eluted by RNase-free water. The protocol does not require phenol extraction and alcohol precipitation. The entire procedure can be completed in 60 minutes. The purified total RNA is ready for RT, RT-PCR, real-time PCR, Northern blotting. ssRNA and dsRNA of 200 bp to 1000′s of bps in length are efficiently purified.

Sample: up to 100 mg plant tissue or 1 X 10^7 plant cells
Expected Yield: up to 5~30 ug total RNA from young leave
Elution Volume: 50 ul
Binding Capacity: up to 100 ug total RNA
Operation Time: About 30~60 min
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FARB Buffer, FAPRB Buffer, Wash Buffer 1, Wash Buffer 2 (Concentrated), RNase-free Water, Filter Column, FARB Mini Column, Collection Tube, Elution Tube

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