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FavorPrep GEL/PCR Purification Mini Kit (100)

FavorPrep GEL/PCR Purification Mini Kit (100)

 Favorgen's GEL/PCR Purification Mini Kit is designed to recover or concentrated DNA fragments from agarose gel, PCR, or other enzymatic reaction. During the process, agarose gel and denature enzymes are dissolved, and DNA fragments in chaotropic salt are bonded to glass fiber matrix of the spin column. The contaminants are then washed with a wash buffer and purified DNA fragments are eluted by low salt elution buffer or water. Salts, enzymes, and unincorporated nucleotides are effectively removed from the reaction mixture without phenol extraction and alcohol precipitation. The overall process takes around 20 minutes.

Sample: up to 300 mg (100ul) of agarose gel (reaction solution)
Format: spin column
Operation time: around 20 min
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FAPD1 Buffer, FAPD2 Buffer, FAPD3 Buffer, W1 Buffer, Wash Buffer, Elution Buffer, FAPD Columns, 2ml Collection Tubes.

Cat#: FAGCK001
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