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Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-IRES-Puro Lentivirus

Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-IRES-Puro Lentivirus

Product Details and Specifications

Product Name Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-IRES-Puro Lentivirus
Product Catalog Number GlowCell-20p-1 (1ml), GlowCell-20p-5 (1ml), GlowCell-20p-10 (10ml)
Price 300.00/1050.00/1500.00 US Dollars
Components 1, 5, or 10 mL Renilla Luciferase
Titer ≥ 1x107 IU/mL (in HT1299 cells)
Target Location Whole Cell
Storage Conditions Store at -70 degrees Celsius
Shipping Conditions Our lentiviruses are shipped on dry ice via overnight delivery. Please note that additional shipping charges may apply.

About Luciferase Lentivirus

Luciferase enzymes are used in bioluminescence and have become powerful tools in biological and medical research. These enzymes have been discovered in several animal species, and due to their variance in spectral properties, luciferase types can be used singly or in combination with each other. For example, Gaussia and Renilla type luciferase enzymes are classified as emitting “flash” light (Figure 1) due to its high-intensity and rapid-decay light. On the other hand, Firefly luciferase enzymes exhibit “glow” kinetics, characterized by less sensitive but longer lasting emittance. A table summarizing some of these difference is shown below (Table 1). Therefore, it is important to know which types of luciferase is needed for your experiments. We provide lentiviruses with an optional selection marker for the expression of Renilla and Firefly-type luciferase, which can be used in single reporter experiments. Additionally, we have made available Renilla-T2A-Firefly luciferase lentiviruses for duel reporter assays.

Comparing Luciferase

Firefly Luciferase Renilla Luciferase Gaussia Luciferase
Substrate Luciferin Coelenterazine Coelenterazine
Cofactor C02,ATP,Mg2+ O2 O2
Light Green-Yellow Blue Blue
Wave Length 550-570nm 470-490nm 470-490nm
Secretion No No Yes
Kinetics Glow Flash Flash

Click on each link to download the corresponding sequence file in Genbank format.

Available Luciferase Lentivirus

GlowCell-14n-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-IRES-Neo Lentivirus
GlowCell-14b-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-IRES-Bsd Lentivirus
GlowCell-14h-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-IRES-Hyg Lentivirus
GlowCell-14p-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-IRES-Puro Lentivirus
GlowCell-15-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-T2A-RFP Lentivirus
GlowCell-15b-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-T2A-RFP-IRES-Bsd Lentivirus
GlowCell-15h-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-T2A-RFP-IRES-Hyg Lentivirus
GlowCell-15p-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-T2A-RFP-IRES-Puro Lentivirus
GlowCell-16-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-F2A-GFP Lentivirus
GlowCell-16b-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-F2A-GFP-IRES-Bsd Lentivirus
GlowCell-16h-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-F2A-GFP-IRES-Hyg Lentivirus
GlowCell-16p-10 Firefly Luciferase (FLuc)-F2A-GFP-IRES-Puro Lentivirus
GlowCell-20n-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-IRES-Neo Lentivirus
GlowCell-20b-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-IRES-Bsd Lentivirus
GlowCell-20h-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-IRES-Hyg Lentivirus
GlowCell-20p-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-IRES-Puro Lentivirus
GlowCell-21-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-T2A-RFP Lentivirus
GlowCell-21b-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-T2A-RFP-IRES-Bsd Lentivirus
GlowCell-21h-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-T2A-RFP-IRES-Hyg Lentivirus
GlowCell-21p-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-T2A-RFP-IRES-Puro Lentivirus
GlowCell-22-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-F2A-GFP Lentivirus
GlowCell-22b-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-F2A-GFP-IRES-Bsd Lentivirus
GlowCell-22h-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-F2A-GFP-IRES-Hyg Lentivirus
GlowCell-22p-10 Renilla Luciferase (RLuc)-F2A-GFP-IRES-Puro Lentivirus
GlowCell-24-10 Renilla-Firefly Luciferase (RLuc)-T2A-(FLuc)-F2A-GFP-Bsd Lentivirus

Firefly/Renilla Luciferase with drug selection:
Firefly/Renilla Luciferase with RFP and optional drug selection:
Firefly/Renilla Luciferase with GFP and optional drug selection:

Cat#: GlowCell-20p

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