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Product Details and Specifications
Product Name pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-GFP
Product Catalog Number cDNA-pLV05
Components Each kit contains 40 ul plasmid DNA (250 ng/ul), 20 ul EF1a forward primer (10 uM), and 20 ul IRES reverse primer (10 uM)
Price 475.00 - 525.00 US Dollars
Selectable Marker GFP
Storage Conditions Store your lentiviral gene expression vector and its sequencing primers at -20 degrees Celsius
Shipping Conditions Our cDNA vectors are shipped at room temperature via overnight delivery. Please note that additional shipping charges may apply.
Download Map Download Genbank
Download Protocol Download PDF

Product Description

The pLV-cDNA vector is a self-inactivated (SIN) vector carrying a deletion in the U3 region of the 3’ LTR, which eliminates the promoter activity of LTR. The self-inactivating deletion provides an additional level of safety by preventing the integrated viral genome from generating full-length lentiviral RNA. The pLV-cDNA vector can be used in transiently expressing gene of interest by transfection and long-term expression while the cells are transduced by packaged lentivirus.

Safety Guidelines for Working with Lenti-cDNA

The recombinant lentiviruses have been designated as Level 2 organisms by NIH and CDC. ABiosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) facility is required in order to work with lentiviruses. The information of Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories(BMBL) can be downloaded from the following link:

Catalog Number Name Marker Download Sequence
cDNA-pLV01 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-Puro Puro Download
cDNA-pLV02 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-Hyg Hyg Download
cDNA-pLV03 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-Bsd Bsd Download
cDNA-pLV04 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-Neo Neo Download
cDNA-pLV07 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-GFP-Bsd GFP-Bsd Download
cDNA-pLV08 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-RFP-Bsd RFP-Bsd Download
cDNA-pLV09 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-RFP-Puro RFP-Puro Download
cDNA-pLV10 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-RFP-Neo RFP-Neo Download
cDNA-pLV11 pLV-EF1a-MCS-IRES-GFP-Puro GFP-Puro Download

FavorPrep Plasmid DNA Extraction Mini Kit (100)

Favorgen's Plasmid DNA Extraction Kit provides a rapid, phenol-free method for the extraction of high-purity plasmid DNA from 1-6 ml of bacterial cultures.

Full Length cDNA Templates

Biosettia’s full-length cDNA templates are a perfect source for amplification of genes of interest. cDNA templates generated from different tissues and cell lines also provide an opportunity to researchers for characterization of alternatively spliced mRNA variants. In addition, the 3′-UTRs can be cloned for study of translational repression by specific miRNAs.

Cat#: cDNA-pLV05

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