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Biosettia, a better solution in life science

Biosettia’s pRNAi recent citations

Congratulations to all those who recently published their papers with the help of Biosettia’s products and/or services! Check out the following three papers recently published who used Biosettia’s pRNAi (Cat#SORT-A##) system.

Stem Cells and Development (2013) – PRELP Converts Stem Cells to Ligament Tissue and Zn(II) Influences Its Nuclear Expression

Molecular Biology of the Cell (2013) – Evidence for dynein and astral microtubule-mediated cortical release and transport of Gαi/LGN/NuMA complex in mitotic cells

PloS one – Elevation of S100A4 Expression in Buccal Mucosal Fibroblasts by Arecoline: Involvement in the Pathogenesis of Oral Submucous Fibrosis

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